Apptrix Overview Blog

By: Kellie Hanna-Miller


Maximizing IT Efficiency with Managed Application Hosting from Apptrix

In today's fast-paced business environment, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is both secure and high-performing is crucial. Apptrix's Managed Application Hosting offers a robust solution by deploying your applications in a single-tenant private cloud, providing extensive expertise, 24/7 monitoring, and management without the burden of maintaining in-house IT systems.


Benefits of Apptrix Managed Hosting


Enhanced Performance and Security
    • By hosting applications like Infor CloudSuite and Microsoft systems in a private cloud, businesses enjoy superior performance, increased security, and greater reliability compared to traditional in-house setups.


Cost and Resource Savings
    • Apptrix’s offsite IT operations significantly reduce costs and resource demands, allowing companies to focus on core business functions. Their services typically result in 60-90% savings in upfront costs and 30-50% in annual savings.


Customized Solutions
    • Apptrix tailors their services to meet specific IT needs, whether during initial implementation or subsequent upgrades. Their flexibility ensures that businesses can scale and adapt as necessary without the pressure of forced updates.


Minimized Risks and Improved ROI
    • With a predictable monthly fee, businesses can better forecast expenses and avoid budget overruns. By outsourcing IT to Apptrix, companies also benefit from reduced hardware costs and enhanced cybersecurity measures, resulting in improved ROI.


Comprehensive IT Management
    • Apptrix manages servers, operating systems, and SQL databases, ensuring seamless and reliable delivery of mission-critical applications. Their state-of-the-art data centers support this robust infrastructure, keeping systems up-to-date and secure.


For businesses looking to streamline IT operations, enhance security, and reduce costs, Apptrix’s Managed Application Hosting provides a comprehensive and customizable solution. Discover how Apptrix can transform your IT landscape by visiting Managed Application Hosting page.