We have really enjoyed working with Apptrix.  The biggest decision factor to host our application through them was that we didn’t have the staff to take on administrating the databases and servers while going through an implementation of a new ERP system.  We also didn’t have the resources to purchase new SQL servers while we were already spending a lot of money purchasing a new ERP software, network infrastructure equipment, and warehouse management equipment.  We have continued with Apptrix because we have been live for 2 years now and we still haven’t needed to hire a person to administrate our databases or maintain our servers or purchase new SQL servers.  Apptrix is doing all of the DBA and Server admin functions behind the scenes without someone from my team doing anything, which means we can spend more time increasing efficiencies and it is reducing our operating costs because we don’t need another salaried employee or to purchase more equipment.  We are also reducing our risk of data loss if we were to have a catastrophic event at our headquarters by our data being off site and replicated in another datacenter.  That gives me peace of mind. We began using Apptrix because we needed the help in the beginning stages of our ERP implementation and we’ve kept using Apptrix because they have proven their value over and over again.  They are very responsive to support tickets and all the support techs are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Apptrix and their services.

Heather Koch

IT & Logistics Manager, Cosmos Corporation

As an Apptrix customer for 4 years we have been extremely pleased with your service! Apptrix allows us to keep our ERP up and available 24/7 giving our employees access from all over the world.  Apptrix keeps our ERP fully patched and provides an extra layer of program access and data storage security.  Additional server space is readily available to accommodate our changing user and ERP requirements.  We used Apptrix expertise to seamlessly incorporate our ERP B to B customer portal.  Using Apptrix allows us to use a single server at each of our locations saving us tens of thousands of dollars per year.  Your response times and cooperation with our off site IT and ERP service providers are first rate!

Clive Lingo

IT and Inventory Manager, Burris Co., Inc.

Apptrix was a major contributor to our success in implementing CloudSuite Industrial.  Their expertise on the software’s specific needs allowed us at the Worden Group to focus on our priorities and processes, not the minutia of the system.  Being hosted with them also help us initiate the project sooner since we did not need to purchase and configure servers.  During the implementation and beyond, they were very quick to react to issues as they arose.  Their services have also allowed us to effectively operate the system with minimal staff; leaning on them for the daily SQL maintenance and specialized work which they have proven very effective in executing.

Kyle Meyers

The Worden Group