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Application Management

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Application Management

You don’t have to manage all your servers, the applications, SQL server and the operating systems—any of it. We are the experts. We’ve done this all before.

We manage Infor CloudSuite solutions and supporting applications every day.  From the data center, networking, installation, configuration, monitoring, backups, refreshing of environments, patching and performance, Apptrix takes care of your IT needs for the applications that are critical to your business success.  This service is provided by experienced Apptrix staff using proprietary monitoring tools and applications.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI/SyteLine) and Infor CloudSuite Service Management (ISM) suite and other products Health Monitoring and Management

Apptrix Infrastructure Installation Operations Support
Server Provisioning Operating System installation and configuration Change Management Control Execution of system utilities* Help Desk phone / email / portal
System resource / capacity planning SQL Server installation and configuration Maintenance of Infor Suite backend File system maintenance Case / incident management
Operating System licenses Infor Suite products installation and base configuration and patching Environment change promotion controls* Services incident correction Standard operations controls
SQL Server licenses Production environment installation Application Locking / Blocking Services monitoring 24 x 7 Production support
Firewall management Non-Production environment installation(s) Cleanup of CSI/SL Background Task History Multiple environment management / access control** Virus log monitoring / alerting
Intrusion detection Operating system accounts Database maintenance Non-production refreshes* Security log monitoring / alerting
Hardware firmware management Domain accounts Purging of Temp Tables and Logs SOC (Standard Operation Controls) compliance and controls Application log monitoring / alerting
Hardware Management Industry best practices / processes Backup / Restore of critical and non-critical data FDA Compliance and controls** Network log monitoring / alerting
Anti-Virus Protection Policy and controls enforcement Offsite storage of backups Access Compliance and controls File System Cleanup / alerting
High availability Installation of Infor Suite new versions as upgrade assistance* Server and SQL Patch Management Authorization controls System resource monitoring / alerting
Disaster Recovery Upgrade environments provided* Installation of Infor Patches* Backup verification Backup Log monitoring / alerting

* Customer controlled by request to Help Desk
** When applicable option is selected or provided

Proactive monitoring prevents issues before they occur

Maintaining system performance requires constant attention.  Proactively monitoring and preventing problems before they occur ensures that Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI/SyteLine), Infor CloudSuite Service Management (ISM) suite of products are up and running when you need them, tuned for optimal performance and secured from vulnerabilities.

Optimized, up-to-date, secure, available IT solutions

We take on the task of ensuring your operating systems and your solutions are optimized, up-to-date, secure, backed up and available.  We provide and maintain the servers, the server operating system, SQL Databases, application services and your company's data at our data centers  in Houston and Atlanta.

Exceptional tenure in the application management space

Apptrix provides decades of experience in the management of the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI/SyteLine) and Infor CloudSuite Service Management (ISM) product suite.  This longevity provides us with the knowledge and expertise required to develop a series of tools and best practices for managing and supporting customer solutions.  A sophisticated and comprehensive proprietary toolset is used to monitor the health of the product suite, automate routine tasks and provide proactive support.  Previously, these monitoring tools were only available to our managed hosted customers but are now offered to subscribers of our Apptrix managed services offering.

We also host and manage additional supporting applications to support your business and address your IT requirements.