Data Center

The Apptrix Data Center facility is built to operate in the most grueling of conditions and as a result has experienced uniterrupted uptime since construction (1983) .  Our clients can be confident that we will keep running so that your business can keep running.

Physical Environment:

Facility built to withstand 200+ MPH winds
24/7 human security presence
Digital camera surveillance system
Multiple layers of electronically controlled card access
N+1 redundant cooling
VESDA (Very Early Warning Smoke Detection)
Infrared humidification
Zoned dry-piped pre-action sprinkler system








Two (2) Diverse electrical feeds to facility
2,000 KVA UPS system
Ten (10) 1,040-2,000 KW diesel generators synchronized by parallel switching systems in two seperate generator farms
70,000 gallon fuel supply for backup generators


AT&T – OC12, DS3s, DS1s
OnFiber – Ethernet, Fiber
Phonoscope – Dark Fiber, Ethernet
Qwest – OC48, DS3s
SBC – POTS, DS1s, OC12s
El Paso Networks – Fiber, DS3s, DS1s
Time Warner – OC48, DS3s, DS1s
MCI – OC48, DS3s, DS1s
XO Communications – OC12s
Looking Glass Networks – Ethernet

Enhanced IP Connectivity

Apptrix utilizes route-control technology that monitors the performance of each internet backbone, routing your traffic across the best path to provide faster and more reliable content and data delivery than traditional routing methods.  This route-control technology considers path characteristics like latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion when making routing decisions.  Routing decisions are made dynamically and automatically to account for network performance changes, without the need for manual intervention.  The result is highly-reliable, robust delivery of your application.